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As we reported earlier, TVXQ had guested on the first episode of tvN’s talk show “Taxi” and there they had revealed their thought regarding the happening to the group as well as their life with each other.

The first question that was asked about them is the split between the TVXQ and JYJ. Yunho had stated, “I can’t say that it doesn’t hurt when the two of us have to stand on our own now. I know that the three of them are very nice friends and are talented, but there were a lot of people who regarded our comeback with worried gazes, and even criticized as to whether the two of us could make it work.” He added, “That was the most upsetting because to me, protecting TVXQ above all was my priority. I still want to protect it, and I will protect it into the future.” Changmin had also shared, “There wasn’t a change of mind, nor were we standing at crossroads, and all of a sudden, we were separated. That’s what I regretted the most. Just like old times, we’re in the same exact position, working in the same exact career, and as ready as ever, but it is true that we were both upset and worried” and continued, “But you can’t turn back time, so I accepted it and the only thing I’m thinking about is to work even harder with just the two of us to show a better image of ourselves.”
When they were asked about their life as a duo, Yunho had revealed, “His personality and lifestyle is 180 degrees different to mine, so it was hard to adjust at first. I’m a bit rough personality-wise, while Changmin is extremely clean.” He had also said that he had leave his toothpaste on the wet bathroom tile, or sometimes shower for longer than necessary, makes Changmin very annoyed. Yunho had laughed, “Changmin nags a lot, and it sometimes makes me wonder whether I’ve gotten married. It feels like I’m living with a wife.” The leader had also added, “When I’m in a rush, I have a habit of walking back in the house with my shoes on to retrieve an item, and Changmin hates that a lot. One time, he approached me seriously and said, ‘Hyung, you really can’t do that.’ I realized that it couldn’t go on for much longer and fixed the habit immediately.”

And when the MC asked if they want to move out in their own, Changmin stated,
“I think it’s about time that we begin planning to live on our own.”