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TVXQ’s Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin had shared some of their photos coming from the short vacation that they had! Just recently, the duo had gone on a separate way to have their short trips on Canada and Hawaii respectively. Yunho was stated to go on Canada to visit BoA and had filmed his cameo role for her upcoming movie, while Changmin on the other hand had gone to Hawaii for his photo shoot.

There is numerous fan accounts of the two seeing ion both countries were spread off and so Yunho and Changmin had updated on their homepage by posting photos from their trips and also an invitation for the fans to come in this year’s Dream concert 2011 to watch them. On his official homepage, Yunho had shared his feelings stating, “Hi, this is Yunho. It’s been really a long time, hasn’t it? It was a good time with Nappy & tabs. I had an opportunity to visit Canada and see great dances. I really hope I get to learn it later. ^^” he then added, “This Saturday it’s already Dream Concert. I can’t wait after a long time to see you from the stage. I want to show you the best of me, so we’re practicing a lot. So, please come and cheer for us (we hope you are cheering for us). ^^ I’ll see you on Saturday ~~~~!! hehe.”

Changmin had also revealed pictures of his trip by posting, “For the first time, I have an opportunity to admire the scenery of Hawaii, it’s so beautiful. It means pretty much even though it is just a short time. I would feel as if my heart was really good (sanctified).” He had also stated, “After I get back from taking pictures with fun throughout the work, and with a joyful heart, I’d like to share a good thing, over all these pictures with everyone, and much more. See you on Dream Concert this Saturday ~ everyone! ^^ He then added more photos of his trip with messages on how incredible the sceneries are in Hawaii.