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On the recent CF project of Shilla Duty Free, they had chosen TVXQ to act that they were locked on a love triangle scandal. Shilla Duty Free will be having the advertising concept for the second half of 2011 as “My Own Dramatic Journey: My Journey Begins” is their main theme. The said ad will be shown in a couple of different stories in a drama sequence with some duty free products being used as the advertising materials.

There will be 3 parts for the ad stories; the first one shows the image of Yunho who is racing in the departure hall to send his first love a goodbye. However, the second part of the story was shown that he is speeding in the airport only to witness his old friend Changmin kissing his beloved girlfriend. On this, Changmin had shown out a sweet yet dangerous kissing scene to have the girl’s heart. Changmin had definitely pulled out a bad boy image. On the third part of the ad, it shows the conflict between Yunho and Changmin, the image of the woman who does not know where to side on.

On the day of the shooting, Yunho who had an endless running scenes had explained, “It is a scene in which I am running after seeing my girlfriend in love with Changmin” and he added, “Changmin has a kiss scene too,” showing his slight jealousy. After Yunho’s scene, the film had focused on the center of the airport, and Changmin had gave off an impression that he was very experienced as he led the actress in creating their kissing scene. However, because of his continuous NGs. The filming was delayed and the actress commented, “Haven’t you had much experience,” which drew a lot of laughter from the staffs and to the people around.

These said three parts of the ad had uses Shilla Duty Free’s most popular items like watch, lipstick, and bag that matches the drama theme. This ad set will be going to set off in the Korean television by the month of June on the current year.