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As we all know, TVXQ has made an appearance as the first invited guests for tvN’s talk show entitled as “NEW Taxi”. During the broadcast of the said show, the duo had appeared respectfully as they had shared thoughts coming from their mind while having a drive around the Myeong-dong area. The duo was like tow modes that are waking down the aisle of the heaven when they just arrived to the place, making all the casts and audiences awed because of them. By looking at their solemn faces, one can feel their undying sincerity with each answer that they are stating and all the things that they are saying are nothing but the truth.

One couldn’t imagine when Jung Yunho had said, “When I’m dating, I’d like to keep the relationship in private.” And he had added, “I want to get married at the age 32?. Prior to that, other member, Shim Changmin had also answered, “I just hope my partner will not be over the age 30.” And when MC Lee Young Ja had asked him for his reason, Changmin stated, “Because at that age, it’s hard to have babies.” Thus his answer had given so much laughter from all the audiences.

The two members had also confessed their thoughts and feelings about al the difficulties that they had gone through in order to start their activities after having a hiatus for two years and three months. In the show, they have also given a mission on preparing a gift to impress a woman and they had also shared an interesting story about U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s fight.

Many fans had commented and expressed their feelings about this matter stating, “that was 7 years from now”, “who could be our Yunho’s future wife?”, “aww. Changmin is so clever as usual” and “I hope they can have what they wish for in the future”

On the other hand, the appearance of the said duo in “NEW Taxi” will be airing on the midnight of 14th of April at the tvN. Don’t miss this upcoming episode especially the revelations of Yunho and Changmin.