Home » TVXQ and Super Junior showed off their close relationship!

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul and Donghae and TVXQ’s Yunho proved their close relationship. On August 12th, Heechul uploaded the photo on his Twitter and said, “10 years together, Hee-kid, Yun-kid, and Hae-kid. You called me Hee-kid, but you didn’t address me like that on broadcast. Yunho-ya~.”

Yesung wrote, “Today… my handsome dongsaengs, DBSK came to support us ^^ SM Family’s loyalty is the best!!!” and Donghae wrote, “Yunho hyung, and Changmin who came to Music Bank. ke. It’s been more than ten years. ke. Thank you!!”

Netizens replied, “Hyung, tell Changmin and Yunho to make a twitter acc~”, “Bbong brothers! <3 I love this picture!!!” “Love you guys. Super Junior and TVXQ are the best <3 I like the friendship of the members of SM family,” and “The good old days!”