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Two-member band TRAX opened up about their new album during a recent interview.

When asked if their first live comeback performance went well, they responded that it was “so-so“, expressing that in retrospect, any performance could always have been better.

“Blind“, the title track to their third mini-album is a song which member Jungmo personally wrote and composed. “It’s a ballad with a soft melody but paired with an intense, hard sound. The dramatic turn in the song is the highlight. It’s a song I wrote pretty ambitiously so there are a lot of different genres in the song. The sound goes back and forth from hard to soft, and so the running time for the track ended up being longer than expected. Some remarked that the song had a J-Rock sound,” he explained.

In regards to the song being titled “Blind”, he said, “When people look through windows, they are not looking at the window itself, but the view behind it. If the windows were actual people, they would desire others to see them for what they are, instead of looking through it to everything behind them.”

TRAX also thanked Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and f(x)‘s Victoria who featured in their music video. “We’re so grateful for the both of them. Victoria took time out from her busy schedule and Kyuhyun was able to make some time for us at the last minute. We texted him to thank him for featuring in the video, but he actually apologized and said he wished he could have done a better job.”

Kyuhyun and Victoria pose as two people who yearn for each other, but there aren’t any scenes where the two of them come face to face. “It’s because we weren’t planning on having a male lead in the video until the very end. That’s why the teaser only features Victoria. We wanted to mostly have scenes of our band, and we etched in a few clips of a woman distraught over her lover. When it was all said and done, we figured it would be better to turn the MV into an actual love story and added Kyuhyun.”

The boys were also asked about Jay‘s song, “Tomorrow” that was featured on the ‘SM the Ballad‘ album. This song in particular was banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, as the lyrics that sang about alcohol was considered inappropriate for minors. SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit and won, lifting the ban on the song.

“We didn’t even know,” Jay said. ”All we knew is that they put a 19+ sticker on it because we sang about alcohol, but later realized the issue had gone to court. It’s absurd. Just because the song sings about alcohol, doesn’t mean minors will immediately drink alcohol upon hearing the song. It’s so random.”

“If that’s the case, then we should eliminate all alcohol advertisements from society. Even in PG 13 movies, there are scenes with alcohol,” Jungmo added.

When asked about their past, they revealed that they debuted with a rather shocking visual appearance. Jay was supposed to represent a typhoon, and Jungmo represented Christmas.

The boys admitted that they were not ashamed of what they did, and that it was fun. “We didn’t do anything we didn’t want to do. We laugh about having performed with 2.5 inch heeled shoes. There are fans who miss when we did things like that, and there are others who never want us to do that again. For us, it just serves as one of our memories. If we had the opportunity to do it again, I don’t think we would mind.”