Home » Tony An says “candy outfits are embarrassing”

Tony An who is well-known for being a former member of 1st generation boy group, H.O.T, shared some inside stories from his days as an idol.

The singer who is now pursuing a career as a soloist reminisced of the good old days and remarked, “It was a new and unfamiliar world, but I was able to overcome all the difficulties that came with being a singer, because I was fulfilling my dream. But… the ‘Candy’ stage outfits were honestly embarrassing“.

He also stated that just like the idol groups now, H.O.T didn’t necessarily have a specific goal they wanted to reach, they simply did what they did because they loved to sing and dance.

H.O.T received unconditional support from their fans from the moment they debuted in 1996 until they disbanded in 2001. They are credited as the pioneers who started the K-pop movement, and the teenage boys sang songs like “Warrior’s Descendant“, and “I-yah” depicting prevalent societal issues.

They were a cultural icon that emerged from a major label, and the reasons behind their disbandment after a short but impressive five years were revealed on MBC LIFE ‘After History‘ on the 15th at 11pm.