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Recently, Tohoshinki was announced to be working with the 7 & I Group for their summer campaign. On the promotional CM of Sogo-Seibu’s “Silver Bear’s Silver Card”, the boys had dances together with the mascot, Silver bear, alongside with their new song “I Don’t Know”.  Because the silver bear was only digitally added using a CG, Yunho sadly expressed, “I wanted to meet the bear but it was added using CG…” then he suddenly looked on the bear who was placed at a side and asked, “Have you been well?” and this creates much laughter. And also regarding the dance choreography for their new song, Changmin stated, “Honestly speaking, we only did 15 seconds of the dance for the CM,” and he added, “I’m looking forward to seeing what the whole thing will look like, so let’s anticipate it together.”

The shooting was done with both Japanese and Korean staff that is why Yunho had expressed, “It’s been a long time since we’ve worked with the Japanese staff so I was nervous, but we managed to settle in quickly, and did the shoot with a good feeling.” Changmin had then stated, “I was interpreting (for the staff).” The two had then showed their closeness to each other after they had watched the complete CM. Yunho praised the bear stating, “He danced better than we did.” Changmin then expressed, “It’s a pity that his arms and legs are too short,” in where Yunho had replied, “But that can’t be helped” and both of them had laughed with their own words.

Also it was announced that they are going to participate in “a-nation 2011” as Yunho commented, “I’m happy to be able to participate (in a-nation) again after two years. I want to work hard, and will not be defeated by the heat,” and Changmin stated, “a-nation is a big summer event, and we are able to participate in it again after two years, so I want to show a passionate stage.” In regards with the Tohoku Earthquake, Changmin revealed, “(The victims) must have suffered a lot. I want to tell them, let us work hard together to overcome this (disaster)”