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It was recently reported that JYJ Kim Junsu’s Musical that is entitled “Mozart!” which have a total of 8 shows marked all the tickets sold out within four minutes.

Last Year, 2010, Kim Junsu had also performed “Mozart!” and during those times, the servers had all crashing down and all the 3000 seats in Sejong Cultural Center’s 15 shows were all swept off by the wind. Previously, Junsu’s Musical Concert t5hat was held on the Korea’s largest performance area which is the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium has sold all the 40,000 tickets in less than 20 minutes. For the second round of the ticket sales had set off, where it has a total of 8 performances with 13,000 tickers were also sold out. All the enquiries on the ticket cancellations, transfers and pre-order locations, and other communities were then ensued. After that, one of the representative coming from EMK Music Company had expressed, “Kim Junsu’s tickets were sold out in such a short time, and it is regrettable that many people were unable to get tickets. But a third round of ticketing is scheduled to start on 25 May, so please support us then,” and also showed his great anticipation for “Mozart!”

On the other hand, “Mozart!” was produced by the world class playwright Michael Kunze and the Grammy Award winner Sylvester Levay had already gained much love and attention because of its sod out performances ever since it had started in the year 2010. For this performance, aside from Kim Junsu, Lim Tae Kyung, Park Eun Tae and Jeon Dong Seok who are the four chosen men that plays the role of Mozart, there are also Seo Bum Seok, Min Young Gi, Lee Jung Yul, Jeon Seon Ah, Shin Young Suk, Lee Gyung Mi, Jung Young Ju and other veteran musical artists that are involved in the production of the play. There are over 500 elaborate costumes and wigs that are all expected to make the audience in awe with its excellent stage production. “Mozart!” will be performed from 24 May to 3 July at the Seongnam Arts Center.