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AA finally delivered their first performance at the ‘2011 K-Pop Super Concert‘, where they held a joint stage with label mate Ha Ji Won.

The boys sat down for a short interview with OSEN after the concert and expressed their thoughts about their first performance.

They stated, “Although we were nervous about our first ever performance, we felt comforted by our sunbae, Ha Ji Won, going up on stage with us… Ha Ji Won sunbae told us to give it our all for our performance with her, and it gave us courage.” They continued, “We do have some regrets about our first performance, but we didn’t make any mistakes, so we are satisfied overall. Since we have a lot more opportunities to show everyone [our talents], we will do our best to put on a perfect performance.”

Although it was their first performance, AA put on a powerful show that made the audience go wild. They haven’t made their official debut yet, but they’re already receiving love calls fromJapanthanks to their ability to produce their own songs, choreography, and wardrobe style.

The boys showed confidence and charisma as they performed their debut song, ‘Because I’m Crazy’ — a combination that’s rare for a rookie group.

Member Aoora stated, “We are different from other rookie groups in that our average age is higher at 22. The age of 22, to us, signifies our will to show everyone our continually growing image that is always full of energy. Also, if you make 22 with your fingers (holding up 2 fingers on each hand), and flip them upside down, it becomes our name, AA (‘Double A’).”

AA will hold their official debut stage through KBS‘s ‘Music Bank’ on November 4th. Leader Woosang commented, “We will become a group that works hard, never changing despite whatever our situation may be. Please anticipate the road ahead of us.”