Home » The Reason on Why Teen Top had Greeted Se7en with a 90-degree Bow

Male group Teen Top had met their senior Se7en on a swimming pool and they had nothing to do but to greet the senior singer shyly. On the 29th of April, 2010, Teen Top’s member Ricky had uploaded a photo in his twitter account with a caption, “Next time we will greet with cool body figure. I want to have Se7en sunbaenim’s body figure” and he then shyly revealed the swimming suit. On the said photo, you can see Ricky and other Teen Top members showing up a black swimsuit with colorful stars on its side while shyly covering their face and their upper body. As the fact, they were very shy because they had met Se7en earlier on that day and they had to show their muscles.

When they had saw Se7en on the swimming pool, as they were polite enough and it is such a honor to greet the artist, they decided to went to him and gave their respect by means of 90-degree bow. As we all know, this kind of trait is just common for most Koreans as they were used to pay respect to their seniors.

According to the management company, the group had went to Bangkok for the Thailand’s K-Pop Charity Concert and after the group had finished their rehearsals, they had found out the hotel’s swimming pool and decided to take a swim. One of the representative that is with them on that day had revealed, “Teen Top arrived (at the swimming pool) first and when they saw Se7en, they greeted Se7en shyly with 90 degrees bow while still in their swimming suits”.

The netizen who had saw the said photo had commented, “Even embarrassing, but this will turn to be fun and memorable things”, “I want to see Teen Top wearing swimming suit, and look forward Teen Top with great body”, “wow! That is a cute seen, I bet the members are even blushing! Haha”, “wow. Every time I read that they are shy, I just want to have and pinched their cheeks” and “I envy those who were in the swimming pool”