Home » The Grace’s Sunday rants about someone!

Just recently, we all witnessed the comeback of the godesses of the The Grace, which are Dana and Sunday. But somewhat, Sunday was disappointed and frustrated about a thing, as she posted some rants on her twitter accounts.

She tweeted, “Let’s find out and understand our place in the world before acting, retards”, “I’m too tired to pay attention to that kind of thing. If you aren’t going to take responsibility for your actions, get the fuck out of my life. I really want to die. So pissed right now”, and “If you’re just going to pass by, don’t even come near me because I’m sick of it.”

Until now, it is not cleared on who is she pertaining to, but some fans commented, “What’s happening?”, “I’m scared, noona”, and “What has happened? Who would hurt Sunday!?”, all fans creating worried reactions.