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It seems that the fans of The Boss had recently experienced a great panic for awhile when member Karam had suddenly rushed to the hospital. On the 15th of May, The Boss had make a performance at the “4th K-pop Super Live” that was held in Makuhari Event Hall in Chiba, Japan. It is a joint concert for some of the Korean artists and they were there along with Shin Hye Sung, Super Junior, SHINee and the newly debuted group, X-5.However, on the day before the concert, the is an incident happened where in the group’s member Karam had suddenly showed troubling occurrences in his body and was rushed to the hospital for a short check-up. The group was then very concerned if they will be still able to attend the performance for the next day. His test results had then revealed a diagnosis for gastritis and gastric ulcer. Even though he has some prescriptions to eat at the right time, he was still able to continue their performance, and the concert was finished safely. On of the group’s representative had also revealed, “Last year, Karam was casted as an active guest on MBC’s Bukbulbok Show 2 and the penalties seemed to have taken a toll on his body.” Karam had taken interviews before the performance and stated, “I’m sorry to worry you guys. It’s really okay. Meeting with the fans seems to make it all better.” Even though it is clearly seen that his body conditions is not normal, he still continue on the stage with a great spirit to avoid worries to his fans.And also, last year in November, he was then rushed to the hospital after the group’s showcase. Before their showcase performance, he suffered for a severe abdominal pain and he had taken some painkillers to still stand on the stage and give all of his best for their group.On the other hand, fans had showed their worries by stating, “please take care”, “I was shocked. Thank god he is okay now”, and “please eat on the right time to avoid any of these”