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Last April 13th, quintet boy group The Boss had succeeded in entering the top six on the Oricon Chart with their debut single. The group was known as Daikoku Danji in Japan. In September last year, the boys had headed to Japan in order to begin promotions under the Digital Adventure/Sony Record. Their way of entering the Japanese industry is much praised, for them to promoted music that was composed by those popular Japanese producers are very much different to other artists that just translated their Korean hits to Japanese.

The Open World Entertainment had expressed, “On the day of the album’s release, Tower Records nearly ran out of The Boss’s singles, proving the positive response from music fans. Even after seeing their achievement on the Oricon chart, the members themselves are having a hard time believing it.  It’s a bit early to say that it’s a success with just landing on the daily chart, but we hope to expand ourselves through future promotions.” It seems that the group will be having a great response for their future projects in the country since it is only their first day after release, yet they had already make it to the 6th rank.

Their title track named, “Lover Power” had been earning a great and enormous appraisals from the Japanese Media. The song was somewhat cheerful that attracted much attention to the Japanese people. Most people have commented, “The song fits well with the members’ image”, “They’re rookies to look out for”, “They’re a ‘creamy’ idol with a fresh feel.”, and “it feels like they somewhat had an image of Tohoshinki”. Tohoshinki is the Japanese name of Dong Bang Shin Ki, as we all know; The Boss’s Karam had a very much respect to the TVXQ’s leader, U-Know Yunho and in their debut they had acknowledged TVXQ as one of their senior idols.

Their label mates X-5 are currently having their preparations to make a debut as well, so it seems that Open World will be having a busy year ahead. Let us wait for the future responses of people to The Boss.