Home » The Boss attracted 3000 fans for Mezamashi Live

As one of the rising kpop stars in Japan, the group was invited to the Mezamashi Live event and performed a whole series of their songs, including their Japanese singles “Love Power” and “Love Bingo!”. The group was reported to have been able to attract over 3000 fans to the event. As a reward to those present, the group performed their new and upcoming single “Love Parade” for the first time.
The Boss is just one of the many Korean bands who have been able to take the stage at the Mezamashi Live event this summer. Supernova, Secret and FT Island, as well as CNBLUE and 2PM have been reported to have taken part in the event.
The Boss, or Daikoku Danji, have been preparing for their 3rd Japanese single which is to be released on September 21st. “Love Parade” follows The Boss’s trend to incorporate the word “love” into their single’s title. Past Japanese single include “Love Power” and “Love Bingo!”. A teaser for its music video was revealed earlier.
The full show will be broadcasted through Fuji TV on a later date.

credits: koreaboo