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6-member boy group TEEN TOP has some new dreams for 2012. The group stole the hearts of theirnoona fans with their cute image has decided to shed the ‘little brother’ concept and are trying prove to their fans that they have grown into men. Their new performances prove just how much they’ve transformed.

Niel remarked, “I guess it’s because all of us debuted when we were really young, but everyone still sees us that way. Even when we show powerful, fierce performances on stage, people still say that we are cute. We have tried our best to change, and feel a little disappointed when people don’t seem to notice our efforts. There are three of us that are in our 20?s now!”, he playfully yelled.

“We think that our new title song “Going Crazy” suits us better than any other song before it, and we are more confident than ever before. I think we are just glad that we are finally able to show the image we want to show you on stage,” he continued. “We rehearsed that much more so that we would be show that side of us to the fans.”

Leader CAP also mentioned that the boys learned to enjoy themselves on stage. “At first we were so concerned with being synchronized, but now we can do that while adding our own unique gestures and facial expressions for the camera. We are a little less concerned with the dance, and are focusing a little more on expressing ourselves.”

The boys who worked for four months to produce this album have admitted that they have seen some change within themselves within that time. They desperately want to shed that ‘cute, little brother’ image and show new sides of TEEN TOP that fans have yet to see. They see themselves making a big break overseas and throughout the globe.

“The fans call us ‘World Idols’. It means, ‘Idols who are loved by the World’, and it is with hopes that TEEN TOP’s name will be yelled from each corner of the globe. We are working to become a group that lives up to that nickname. If we were ‘Young Idols’ last year, we would like to become ‘World Idols’ in the new year,” they said.

The TEEN TOP members were also featured in the famous French TV program ‘Le Grand Journal‘, where their “Supa Luv” performances were highlighted. Furthermore, the members were also introduced on famous Brazilian Rede TV‘s entertainment program ‘Leitura Dinamica‘ as a K-POP sensation. The boys are also pretty big inJapan. Although they have yet to make their official debut, there are a large number of fans there who desire to see more of them. Already, the boys of TEEN TOP are well on their way to becoming ‘world idols’.

Member Changjo said he enjoys hearing compliments such as, “Did you eat the CD or what?”, “You’re mature for your age“, and more. Seems like TEEN TOP really likes hearing that they look mature and charismatic, and the fact that the public only saw them as these young boys was a bit stressful for them.

The boys who debuted in 2010 are entering their third year in the industry. The boys who were nervous for their comeback say that they will not rest and promote their album as best they can. They don’t want to be forgotten for even a second, and are determined to show different sides of themselves with each stage performance. Until that day they hold an independent TEEN TOP concert, the boys are shouting, ‘TEEN TOP Go Go!’

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