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Don Spike who is one of the most famous arrangers and composers of Korea, has selected SNSD’s Taeyeon as the most desirable idol. With a recent press conference, Don Spike revealed his thoughts regarding Taeyeon‘s outstanding vocals. He is also the one who arranged the song “Different” that was sung by Kim Bumsoo and Taeyeon.

On the press conference, he then revealed, “Taeyeon can really sing well. Although I’ve never seen her singing live before, I thought she has an outstanding vocal after listening to her recorded song,” and “During recording, you can hear a singer’s actual voice clearly. Without other effects or mixing works done, I was hugely impressed by Taeyeon’s singing. Her techniques, feel of the song and everything are excellent.”

As a famous arranger, he also said his feelings regarding the good vocals, he stated,  “If you listen to the vocals, I get my own feelings about them. Listening to singers’ vocals everyday, there are always concerns on how to ‘dress them up’. However, Taeyeon’s voice seems to ‘fit any clothes’”.