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Girls' Generation Sub-Unit Group TaeTiSeo
TaeTiSeo makes an explosive debut as they released their mini-album Twinkle. The sub-unit of Girls’ Generation is considered to be one of the best K-pop subgroup. TaeTiSeo is composed of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun.  They are known for their great vocal skills and other talents.  The girls recently revealed the reason behind the name of the subgroup.  They explained that TaeTiSeo stands for their names, and the order is according to age.
The K-pop group has been dominating the charts just a few days after their debut.  The debut single topped the American Billboard charts.  Twinkle even surpassed other K-pop songs like Eat You Up.  The girls are expected to cause a stir in the K-pop community.  They will also be released in the international music scene, including other Asian countries and the US.
TaeTiSeo’s mini-album Twinkle was released on May 2.  Many K-pop followers showed their interest and appreciation of the newly formed K-pop subgroup.  Thanks to the fans, the mini-album dominated the music charts hours after it was released.  The girls’ talents are showcased in the mini-album.  It features different genres that show off the girls’ versatility.
Sub-units like TaeTiSeo are not the first to be formed out of other K-pop groups.  Other sub-groups include K.R.Y. (Super Junior),Orange Caramel (After School) and Pixie (Rainbow). According to SM Entertainment, the sub-unit’s name was created out from the girls name. It’s simple name that can easily be remembered by their fans.
After the release of the mini album Twinkle, TaeTiSeo showed their first full music video on April 30.  The music video was an instant hit as millions of fans watched it. Fans were impressed with TaeTiSeo’s amazing talent and charming personalities. The girls were styled in stunning and stellar outfits.
Taeyeon mentions that being on a three-member K-pop group like TaeTiSeo is hard.  They need to build up their confidence and work harder on their performances. There is a big difference in working a group like Girls’ Generation compared to TaeTiSeo. But being on a three-member group has its advantages like having the freedom and wider choices.
According to TaeTiSeo, their relationship with the other members of Girls’ Generation became stronger.  They became closer even if they rarely see each other because of busy schedules.  They always keep in touch with each other through constant communication. Tiffany also shares her appreciation to the other members of Girls’ Generation for their support.

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