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T-ARA’s Jiyeon reveals how she feels about the first episode of ‘Dream High 2’ airing soon.

On January 14, Jiyeon had an interview with Star News.  Of her new drama she explained, “I am currently working hard in filming ‘Dream High 2’“, and continued, “From now on I will be working hard as a singer promoting our new song “Lovey-Dovey” and as an actress.”

Jiyeon told Star News how she felt when she was first cast in the show. Jiyeon said, “When I got cast for ‘Dream High 2’ I couldn’t believe it at first. Later on, when I realized it was real, I was both anxious and very excited.”

Jiyeon continued, “Eunjung gave me advice to work hard and gave me a lot of tips on acting. If there is something I don’t know how to do, I ask Eunjung and she teaches me.”

Jiyeon has had acting experience in the past in the dramas ‘God of Study’ and ‘Miss Ripley’, but for this drama she has become Eunjung’s pupil.  She said, “When Eun Jung teaches me acting I don’t see her as a fellow member, but as a senior and I feel like that helps me learn better.”

The first episode of ‘Dream High 2’ will be aired on January 30 after the conclusion of ‘Brain’.