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When asked how they planned to spend the holiday, the members responded cheerfully, “We are going to make Korean pancakes and  rice cake soup with our members and our agency family… Hyomin is really good at cooking, and Boram and Jiyeon are good at grilling meat.”

Having brought out hit after hit starting with “Roly Poly” followed by “Cry Cry” and “We Were in Love”, the girls have continued their streak in 2012 with “Lovey Dovey” by ranking #1 on charts and music programs.

The girls did not forget to thank the fans for their continuous love and support which helped the girls achieve all that they have so far.

Soyeon stated, “I think this is the most we have suffered since our debut days. Currently, our schedule is packed until April. While we have been running nonstop, every member has gotten sick, but every word from our fans energizes us [so much].”

She continued with a smile, “We wanted to greet our fans quickly with great songs. We were worried that fans might get tired or sick of our songs, but luckily, our songs were great, and we are grateful that the fans have received them with warm hearts.”

As the interview came to a close, the members stated, “As soon as ‘Lovey Dovey’ promotions end, we’ll be going to Japan again to work hard to spread K-pop… We will all try our best to show you our continuous growth, so please look forward it.”