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T-ara recently made a big announcement regarding the members of the K-pop group.  News and speculations about the changes of the K-pop group was announced.  T-ara is one of the most successful K-pop group in Korea.  Their hit single ‘Roly Poly’ gained the top spot for the hottest song in 2011.  T-ara also won many awards, which include: ‘The Most Outstanding Girl Group of the Year’ and more.  Each member from the K-pop group expanded their careers with other activities aside from singing.  They developed other skills like acting and modeling. 
T-ara is a K-pop group of seven members who include: Boram (Jeon Boram), Q-ri (Lee Ji-hyu), Soyeon (Park In-jung), Eunjung (Ham Eun-jung), Hyomin (Park Sun-young), Jiyeon (Park Ji-yeon) and Hwayoung (Ryu Hwa-young).  They are the only K-pop group of seven members.  However, due to some events it seems like the K-pop group will undergo some major changes.  
T-ara's seven members
According to the CEO of Core Contents Media, Kim Kwang Soo, T-ara will expand to a 9-member K-pop group.  In his official statement, he mentions that T-ara will release a brand new album in July with their new members.  The group will change their dynamics and style to fit the 9-member group.  He mentions that this is part of the challenge that the members of T-ara must surpass to be labeled as K-pop idols.  He also threatens the old members of possible replacement if found uncooperative with the new members.  
Fans have varied comments and opinions about the recent changes.  Some may agree that the changes are for the improvement of the K-pop group.  Many would also disagree and believes that the changes are detrimental to T-ara’s success.  Being a 7-member group gives T-ara the advantage over other K-pop groups.  However, some may argue that the members are not utilized well enough.  Adding two more members would only add up to this problem.  
T-ara featured as characters in FreeStyle
On the lighter side, T-ara continues to move on with their career as they take new projects.  The members of T-ara recently revealed their involvement with the online game Freestyle.  The girls will be featured as the popular K-pop group, and they will become characters to the online basketball game.  Other K-pop groups which are part of the online game include: f(x), KARA and Wonder Girls. Many fans expressed their excitement upon seeing how accurate the online characters look like. 
They also announced the launching of their official Japanese website.  A “T-ara Collab Cafe” was opened for the fans to enjoy a T-ara themed cafe.  The cafe features the group’s photos, T-ara inspired menu and T-ara merchandise.