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T-ara recently worn loose-fitting red Phys.Ed clothes and dance with their Roly Poly at MBC’s ‘Music Core‘. Hyomin recently make an interview with MyDaily and revealed the reason about those, she stated, “It was the day that After School and miss A were both making their comebacks, so it was an idea that we all came up with out of concern. It was our fourth week into our ‘Roly-Poly‘ promotions and we wanted to prepare something special. It’s a decision we came to in order to better show off our retro concept.”

She also revealed that they had talked about it with their stylists and stated, “It’s the summer time, so we could only find short outfits. We had to place a special order for longer sleeves and produced a total of seven of them with thick material, which made it really hot.”
She also revealed, “We all decided to wear sneakers, but since they’re low, it makes your legs look short on stage and it’s just not pretty. We were also worried about Boram unni. If it wasn’t for her sacrifice, the stage wouldn’t have been possible, so we’re all very thankful to her. I was a happy leader when everyone agreed to do it all together.”

Now that she is the new leader of the group, she stated, “I’m the busiest I’ve ever been since my debut, but I’m happy. My stamina couldn’t keep up and I did faint, but I want to be more careful this time and end our promotions on a safe and positive note.”