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The girl group T-ara had just made their first japanese showcase last 5th of July at 4pm – 7pm JST at the Shibuya AX Hall in Japan. Last month, the girls started off by signing an exclusive contract with J-ROCK for 4.7 billion won, marking the highest amount of all the girl groups who have already made their debut in Japan.

The venue only have 1,500 seats and the fans who wants to watch only have a 200 to 1 chance to be invited. One of the official stated, “Out of 105,000 people who requested tickets, 500 fans were invited.”

Ther member, Soyeon, also expressed, “Korean singer Jang Geunseuk reached No.1 with his debut single, we would also like to achieve No.1. There’s a saying that the bigger the dream the better. We really want to try and rank first.”

In comparison with SNSD and KARA, T-ara will be making a debut in a different way. According to an official, “T-ara members are all studying Japanese and will follow through with individual activities in Japan through dramas, CFs, and more.”
It was also revealed that T-ara’s official Japanese fanclub has already been given a name as well, “Sweet Treasure.”