Home » T-ara apologized for their manners!

On October 20th, they spoke to Star News from the set of their new music video “Cry Cry,” where they said in apology, “We will be more conscious from now on.”

They said, “In future we will be more careful to avoid any more misunderstandings. Our stance on manners is the same now as it was before our debut. Mo-se sunbaenim‘s words are not lies, but neither are ours.”

“We are very aware of how much import a single word or action can carry while promoting. We will be careful so as to avoid misunderstandings. Please be tolerant and watch over us.”

Previously, a netizen had made some comments on their lack of sincerity during a performance. Singer Mo-se then added to the fire by posting a tirade on his Twitter. “I know that. They are famous for not greeting others. There is a member who has never greeted me despite meeting me several times.”

Hyomin and Eunjung sprang to their defence by explaining respectively, “There is a part in the choreography where we are meant to look like we are talking to each other,” and “In future we will pay special attention [to our manners].”