Home » Swing Girls wants to be known for who they are not as “DCUP girls”

New girl group Swing Girls made their debut with their lead track, “Run X3“, but to many K-Pop fans, they’re simply known as the ‘D-cup girls’. The members sat down for an interview with SPN and emphasized that they wanted to be recognized for their musical talents and not their cup sizes.
They began, “We don’t feel any pressure with the attention that’s being put on a specific body part. We’re actually thankful and see it in a positive light. We only worry about how our good song could become overshadowed by our physical appearance.”
Commenting on their stewardess outfits for the stage, the girls said, “It was made to give off a sexy feel while emphasizing our S-lines, but it’s far from being sexually suggestive.”
They continued, “We really put our lives on the line to work as hard as possible. We really want a rookie award at the end of the year and hope to avoid being a group that shines brightly for only a moment before disappearing; we want to be a group that lasts long with their music. We hope that people will regard us in a positive light. Please take an interest in not only our breasts, but our music as well.”