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The girls are gearing up for what seems like an exciting debut, as they’ve just dropped some additional info about their first album.

Unlike other girl groups in the industry, Swing Girls are all in their mid 20’s. On August 19th, they’ll be releasing their first single album, and kick off promotions with their title track, “RUN X3“, a highly addictive dance track. Their B-side is said to be “Popsicle“, a sweet and bubbly track meant to show off their diverse charms.

Swing Girls said, “Our title track is sexy and charismatic while ‘Popsicle’ is cute. While ‘RUN X3′ is about falling in love with a bad boy, ‘Popsicle’ is just a sweet love story. They each have their own charms.”
The girls said, “Our ages range from 27 to 23 so we’re a bit late compared to the other idols. But we heard that there were a lot of trainees still in their mid 20’s. We want to become beacons of hope for them. As a dance group, we’re planning on pursuing a musical style that’s upbeat. All of us are working hard, thinking as if this is our last chance. Because of that, we don’t need to dorm together since we’re trained enough to be able to control ourselves.”

They continued, “Our outfit concept is ’stewardess’. Designer Lee Jae Hwan, who’s currently working in Paris, designed our outfits for us. Stewardesses are like a romantic fantasy for men and a dream for women, which is what we hope to become. Our biggest goal is to receive a rookie award, but our inner goal is to hear our music play in the streets or used as someone’s ringtone.  Either way, there isn’t a group like us in the industry so we’re going to keep going with a color all of our own.”