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On November 6th, Super Junior celebrated their anniversary as it marked the 6th year since the group’s debut on what is now known as Inkigayo, where they performed their first single, “Twins (Knock Out).” The members have been acknowledging this day via Twitter, by tweeting messages and pictures in celebration of the anniversary. Fans have also been busy organizing celebrations. In particular, Taiwanese fans raised over $206,000 TWD (approximately $6,900 USD) for this occasion. Yesterday, they showed off a blimp with Super Junior’s picture near the famous Taipei101 building, which attracted many pedestrians to take pictures.

In order to celebrate Super Junior’s 6th anniversary, Taiwanese fans brainstormed ideas, raised money, and made gifts for almost an entire year. In particular, the blimp that was released near Taipei 101, which is 6 meters long and displays the words “Super Junior 6th Anniversary Celebration,” cost over $100,000 TWD (approximately $3,300 USD). More than 100 fans were in attendance for the release of the blimp. At the same time, LED advertisements were also played throughout the Northern, Middle, and Southern parts of Taiwan.

The organizer of the events commented, “We originally wanted to release a hot air balloon or display advertisements on the side of trucks, but due to limitations in relation to certain laws, we settled on using a blimp.” The organizer also expressed that while they stayed up overnight almost every day to finish the project, it was well worth the work. Other fans also commented that it was important for them to also carry out good deeds on behalf of Super Junior, and thus they also spent money to buy items such as dryers and shampoo to be donated to charities.