Home » Super Junior’s Leeteuk “a homeless person”??

Yesterday, Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk had revealed a photo of him where in he is completely dozing off on a sofa in the lobby of a building. He had posted on his twitter account, “Sleeping homeless person. Wow I really look bad lol I guess I was really tired lol.”. In the said photo, the singer is totally passed out on a sofa where he was dressed in white pants, blue shirt, black jacket and shoes. You can also see that his phone was lying beside him. It seems that even though he was extremely exhausted and tired, it looks like that he is enjoying a deep nap while his mouth is slightly open and his two hands are lying beside his two thighs, a very uncomfortable position if you will say. It is also noticeable how the exhausted singer had laid his neck in the end of the armrest of the sofa so that his current hair style will not be much squashed after his so called nap. There are two photos that has been released, the other one shows how he had bend his thighs to be reach by his hands and the angle of the camera came from the end of the sofa, it also shows his black bag and possibly a can of juice lying in an glass table beside him.

On the other hand, netizens had commented, “He’s still cute,” “You really seem tired,” “Did you actually sleep outside?”, “aww. That looks so uncomfortable”, “Its bad to sleep like that”, “please have more rest” and “I want to squeezed myself beside you and let us sleep in more comfortable way!!”

Leeteuk had recently said in an interview that he would like to start mandatory military service of two years in either the start of 2012 or the end of 2011. Once his service was done he had promised all of their fans that they will strive to reached the top once again, but yesterday, member Kim Heechul had hinted that Super Junior will be going to released another album soon where many fans had reacted about the said statement.