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Recently, on the 27th of May, Friday, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun had celebrated his 5th debut anniversary, that day was also the second to the last day of Super Junior M in Taiwan after their 2 months stay in the country. He had also made his debut with Super Junior back on the 27th of May, 2006 and that is six months after the group had made their debut as a 12 member one. During the Super Junior’s 5th anniversary fan party last November 2010, Kyuhyun had reminded the fans that his 5th anniversary aren’t still coming and he are also hoping that there will be a celebration for him on that day.

For the celebration of this anniversary, Taiwanese ELFs had taken out almost a quarter of a page ad in the Taipei’s Apple Daily Newspaper alongside with the words, “SJ-M daebak” and “Congratulations to Game Kyu’s 5th Debut Anniversary”. On the 17th, the members of Super Junior M had attended a radio show in Taiwan and in there; Kyuhyun had confirmed that he had seen the ad already. Despite his appreciation to the said ad, he had also expressed his displease with the members of the group by stating, “the members have not yet congratulated me! They have forgotten,” and Zhoumi had replied, “You’re an old idol now…it’s been 5 years!” Member Eunhyuk had also said that is not important to have a party or to celebrate it as the group is currently focusing for their activities, prompting more the disappointment of Kyuhyun with them.

Kyuhyun had also tweeted about his anniversary last Friday as he thanked everyone that had been supporting him from then until now in the whole five years of him in the industry. However, the singer had also expressed his sadness regarding the news of Chae Dongha’s suicide as he stated, “Although this should be a happy day, I can’t bring myself to be happy…my heart hurts…I hope you will go to a better place.” His fans had also sent some congratulatory words for him and for the group.