Home » Super Junior’s Heechul had shown his love for 4minute + hints of their 5th album

On April 19th, Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul had shown his inner love for 4minute when he had uploaded the picture of a signed 4minute album that he bought. In the photo, it was shown a close-up focus of the autographed message coming from the said girl group that was left for him, it writes, “Hello~ We are 4minute~! Please support and love our first full-length album~ Always stay healthy~ We hope that every thing you do will blow up and succeed~! Fighting!!!”. He had then explained how he got the album by writing, “Oh yeah, it’s 4minutes album! keke… They came on my radio today” alongside with the said photo. He also continued by stating his disappointment about the changes of the group’s choreography for their song, Mirror Mirror, he stated, “So we can’t see the dance that is equivalent to melting ice cream anymore?” As usual the singer is hyper and active with his twitter account that made his fans to stay on his page waiting for more tweets that he will be giving.

The singer must be in a very good mood on that day since he had also share some good news for his beloved fans. He had given the very great news for his fans, and hinted, “Super Junior’s album will also be out soon.” Though it is the first time for any of the members to hint or actually announced such thing, Heechul, really made his fans to come with him in cloud nine. Many of the group’s fans had responded by stating, “Is the 5th album really coming out? Really really??”,“What!? I heard that some members will be going to military soon so I didn’t even think about a 5th album. This is a present”, and “It’d be good if Super Junior and 4minute promote together”

Though there are still no confirmation whether it is true, fans will always believe to their idol. They had also expressed their excitement for the hinted album and also for another music scene appearance of Super Junior. We will wait for further information regarding this once their management company had stated something.