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Shortly after the completion of the “Super Show 4” stops in Seoul, it was revealed that the tour will move to Taipei for three consecutive days beginning on February 3rd, 2012. This is the third stop confirmed, after Seouland Japan. Fans have been impatiently waiting for the news of the Taiwanese dates ever since the announcement of the tour and also wondered whether Leeteuk would participate as he is expected to enlist in the military next year. Sources revealed that SM Entertainment promises that he will enlist in the military after the stops in Taiwan. However, the exact date of his enlistment remains unknown.

Super Junior gave their best effort at the first stop of “Super Show 4” over the weekend, changing up the choreography and composition of many songs in order to give their fans a new experience. About 22,000 fans attended the concert, which generated approximately $1.8 million USD in revenue. As Heechul has already enlisted in the army, he made an appearance through the big screen and performed with f(x) for “Oops!” Leeteuk expressed, “Heechul really wanted to come watch the concert, but was worried that he would feel sad when he saw the members on stage getting cheers from the fans.”

The concert began with “Superman,” with water splashing up to 6 meters high and impressive light effects. In the cosplay portion of the show, Siwon became Superman, Leeteuk became Hulk Hogan, and Sungmin became Marilyn Monroe. The rest of the members tried to play with Sungmin’s white skirt, which prompted Sungmin to protect himself from being exposed. The fans gave Sungmin a good response to his cosplay; however, Shindong expressed, “If I were to judge, I would totally eliminate him!” Ryeowook surprised everyone with his tight outfit in cosplaying Gollum from “Lord of the Rings,” and revealed that he went on a diet and exercised a lot. He stated, “To be a professional, you have to be ugly when you want to be, and be handsome when you want to be.” He also shocked everyone with his abs and close dance moves with the female dancers.

Eunhyuk and Henry wrote a new song titled, “Self Luminous Jewel Lee Hyukjae,” with Eunhyuk wishing that his fans would call him Hyun Bin, Cho Insung, or Choi Siwon. However, his fans did not listen to him and continued to call him Lee Hyukjae, causing laughter amongst the crowd.