Home » Super Junior, After School and BoA are Getting Gaga Over “I Am A Singer”

As you may ask many Koreans walking down the street on what will be their current favorite show, they will mostly answer “I Am A Singer”, but not only them are getting crazy about this film even some well known artists are going gaga with the show. The recent known artists that had given their support to the show are Super Junior, After School and BoA.

When the show had first started up, Super Junior member Shindong had already shown his love and support on it as he tweeted, “I’m watching… I want to see my seniors! So nervous! I want to be a manager too!” and from a later interview, the singer had told reporters, “I was really surprised at the idea of bringing such legendary seniors together into a single show.” Super Junior other member Heechul had also stated. , “I really liked being able to hear songs from the past.” And Yesung on the other hand had expressed his excitement and envious to his neighbor Yoon Do Hyun who is a participant of the show by stating, “If the opportunity arises, I would love to go on the show at least once.” The leader of the group, Leeteuk had joked that he had watched KBS’s 1 Night 2 Days and SBS’s Running Man instead of the I Am A Singer because the show had replaced his cancelled show, Enjoy Today in which he acts as an MC. After joking he had also expressed that it will be a good idea of the first place winners leave the show instead of eliminating the last place contestant.

There is also After School member Jooyeon who show a picture of them while watching the show. On the past week, Lee Sora did a rock rendition for BoA’s No 1 and BoA tweeted, “Next year that song will be ten years old… Time goes by so quickly… But I’m so happy that I have a song that is still so loved.” BoA also tweeted at Yoon Do Hyun that she was a fan of the show and that she missed him.