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Sunny Hill recent shared for an interview with Kuki News their thoughts and changes they had gone through;. They started, “We saw our rank and joked that we were ‘tattooed’ between the ranks #10 and #13 because we always maintained our position. If we dropped, we’d get back up, and when we get higher up, we’d go back down to where we were. The people around us said that it’s better for us to maintain our position in the top 10 as opposed to ranking first and dropping right away.”

Members Jubi and Misung said, “It feels great knowing that we can receive the same treatment that idol groups receive. It feels like a compliment when people think we’re idols, especially since we’re older [than most idols]. Idols have the impressive ability to dance and sing at the same time, so we don’t think of it as a criticism to be compared to them.”

They were also asked about their ability to catch people’s attention in which Jang Hyun replied, “As opposed to feeling upset over it, we worked on trying to find something new. We knew that it wasn’t the end for us and prepared for the future. We pursued new music and even brought in new members. Over time, it’s been a growth period for Sunny Hill.”

Jubi and Misung continued, “There’s a big difference now compared to our first stage. The audience looked at us as if they were asking who we were, but now we can feel that they know that we are Sunny Hill. It’s cool hearing ‘Midnight Circus’ play in the streets. Our parents also didn’t know when we were promoting, but now people have begun to ask them if so-and-so was their daughter, which makes them very proud.”

At the mention of the new members, Jang Hyun revealed, “I stepped in as the producer of the group and supported the other members. Like the title of the song, I tried to give the feel of a circus, which incorporates both musical and performance aspects. As a result, I pondered on what would make the stage the prettiest possible and realized that it’d be better for me to step back and let the other members stand on stage. I have, of course, thought of wanting to join them, but for now, I’m proud of just watching them performing,” and continued, “We mainly focused on ’soft’ music before, which ultimately lacked in bringing anything to our stage. But with the addition of two new members, we’re able to bring out a variety of expressions.”