Home » Strong Heart’s PD compares Lee Seunggi and Kang Ho Dong!

On October 6th, PD Park Sang Hyuk of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ discussed the differences between the styles of former MC Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi.

Park began, “Lee Seung Gi is not someone who was born with a talent for variety shows, nor is he someone who’s as powerful as Kang Ho Dong.  Despite all of this, he works extremely hard.  He researches about the guests and thinks long and hard about where and when to crack jokes and chime in with laughter. I wonder where else we could ever find such an MC like him. He truly improved through effort alone.”

On Kang Ho Dong, he stated, “Kang Ho Dong is like a real hyung, someone you can depend on. We truly called him the bigger man, which is why I think we were all surprised with what happened.  hinking about it now, I think temporary retirement was the best decision to make because who knows what people would have said if he continued to stay. I know that there will be more anticipation for his return.”

After revealing that he had been in contact with Kang Ho Dong after the announcement, the PD concluded, “He said he’s spending his days at home, but we all know that he has the type of personality where he’s everywhere at once, so I’d like for him to at least take hikes or go on walks through the mountains.”