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Why don’t you have a Twitter account? All your other members seem to have one.
?It’s just not me. I’m not good at taking care of my fans.

But you need to, at a time when new idol stars are emerging every minute.
?I dont know, I just don’t know how to do it. I can’t express myself like that, but I do try to be good to them when we meet them in person. I want to be close to them.

You really should. Anyways, your red hair looks good on you. You became even more attractive with the release of this new album.
?No way. When I’m stressed, my face turns red and I’m so worried that I’ll look weird on camera.

All the members seem to look more handsome this time around.
?Yes, especially Bang Chul Yong (Mir). He is the “it” guy these days.

We hope that your fan base will grow exponentially with this new album.
?To be honest, the fans say that they grow tired of me easily (laughs). When time passes, they like other groups or other members. I’ll work to change that, though.

No way, you’re not the type that people grow easily tired of. Perhaps it’s because you are more reserved and less outgoing, and it’s hard for fans to approach you.
?Maybe. I don’t have too many celebrity friends either. My closest friends are SHINee‘s Onew &ZE:A‘s Hwang Kwang Hee. That’s about it.

Have you been in contact with your senior, Rain? What has he said about your new album promotions?
?We’ve talked, but they’re brief conversations and he asked how we’re doing. We haven’t had the chance to talk about too much else. I don’t know if he’s seen our “This is War” performances, but he has yet to say anything about it.