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What is OTP? in the world of Kpop, you would be able to stumble upon the acronym itself, “forever my OTP”,”so cute .. my OTP is really perfect together!!”, but what it really is?

OTP stands for ONE TRUE PAIRING, according to the urban dictionary, OTP  is a term you use to express a pair of people that are the perfect partner for each other regardless of their gender.

This are commonly used in fanfictions, fanvideos, fanarts and other works of fans that coupling their favorite stars, female to female, male to male and malet to female.

This is mostly done just in the world of fiction and fantasy , but there are some who believes on what they are “shipping” for. To ship your OTP means to encourage and show other people how much you love your own pairing and how compatible they are with each other.

Fans are using their own OTP in different ways, some using it for two people holding great friendship and some using it for two people who they wants to hold a romantic relationship.

Some of the well known OTPs in the Kpop industry are Yunjae/Jaeho (Yunho and Jaejoong of TVXQ), Hanchul (Hangeng and Heechul of Super Junior), GTOP (G-Dragon and T.O.P of Big Bang), Jongkey (Jonghyun and Key of SHINee), Taeny (Taeyeon and Tiffany of SNSD), and Hoonchul (Karam and Mika of The BOSS). There are actually a lot more, and people have different views regarding their own OTPs, that is why we just need to respect their own choice and ship what is ours.

So ship your own and be happy!!