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As we all know, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is a very much fan of cats. For all of his cats the most popular is Han J Heebum or shortly Heebum. There are almost a numerous pictures where the singer is with the said cat. He had even bring it to some shows and makes its own diary. The name of the cat is definitely not so Korean but do you know where it came from? Well, we will share to you a very short and interesting story how he got the HAN J HEEBUM as his name.

Once upon a time, there was a fan who had given our dear Cinderella a cute little cat. It is said to be an insensitive Siamese cat/ a Russian blue cat. The said cat had become the first conceited cat that even our Prince Hangeng’s Pomeranian, name Rong Rong should need to respect him. The cat was later on saw by Prince Kibum and so he decided to name it HEEBUM, matching up his name alongside the Cinderella’s name, but sad to say, our Prince Hangeng had heard it and he is not that pleased to know that his name is not included in the name of the cat. That is how the little heebum had got his surname HAN, making his name as HAN HEEBUM. They had thought that it was already concluded to have the name, yet another prince had interfered. Prince Jay of TRAX kingdom had gone to the Super Junior’s palace to visit Cinderella. He had seen the little heebum and they had explained how the cat got its name, Prince Jay had made some complaints and insisted to also put his name. In the end, the little cat was named to be HAN J HEEBUM, where they put the name of Prince Jay at the middle. Cinderella has been confused why does all of this people want to put their name to his cat but then he had accepted it all and live happily ever after where HAN J HEEBUM eventually becomes the KING of all the pets in Super Junior Palace.


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