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It seems that our “getting to know the SHINee Boys” are quite cool so I decided to share more facts about the boys. Since on the first one, I had only discussed about the profile of the members, here I am going to share how they had discovered, their experiences during trainee days, their debut and their most respected boy group.

How they had discovered:

-       Taemin had started his dancing since the third grade and so when he heard about the SM Casting, he immediately auditioned.

-       Onew had entered the middle school when he suddenly realized that he wants to sing. Others said that he is good in singing that is why he applied for SM Academy.

-       Key has a dream to become a singer ever since he is in kindergarten. He is from Daegu and when SM happened to take an audition there, he grabbed the chance immediately.

-       Minho was just discovered in the street since he was young, he always show his talent to everyone and his dream of becoming a singer.

-       Jonghyun was a part of a band during his middle school and he is performing in many events. One time when his band performed for a competition, one SM worker had discovered him.

Experiences from Trainee Days:

-       At first, the members are only greeting each other and some little conversations.

-       Since the boys are still young and have different personalities, they experienced some little arguments.

-       Even though they have those differences, they had tried to match along with each other and so they are now a family that loves each other dearly.

Their Debut:

-       On their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo, Jonghyun cried because of the thought of his parents and he also said that other members probably cried deep down their hearts.

-       When they are still in the waiting room, there is this instance that they are very nervous and forgot their lyrics and steps.

-       After their debut performance, the members were all embarrassed and said that they didn’t monitor their own act.

Their Most Respected Boy Group:

-       They had said that they respect the most is TVXQ and stated, “The star they were dreaming of becoming”. Both group are under the company and so they are like a family right now.


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