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Actress Song Hye Kyo revealed her thoughts about public dating in her recent interview.

The actress explained, during the interview, ”The impact of going public with relationships twice is powerful“. ”I’m currently 30 years old, and I think at this age twice is definitely no big deal.”

“Due to my career as an actress, it’s upsetting that it is easily and carelessly talked about by the public,” she continued about going public with relationships, “I do feel helpless since I have that certain public image.”

Regarding her two relationships and eventual separations she said, “Time has passed now and I have moved on.”

Netizens commented, “I can definitely relate to her“, “Stay strong“, “It may be better to keep relationships secret from now on“.

Song Hye Kyo will be on big screens soon with her new movie, ‘Today‘ on October 27th.