Home » Song Hye Kyo talks about marriag!

During a sit-down interview with an entertainment program on SBS, Song Hye Kyo (29) was asked if she were jealous when she saw an affectionate loving couple around her.

“Very envious,” she answered. But apparently marriage is an after-thought for the actress, as she wants to focus on her career at the moment. She continued, “I have no plans for marriage anytime soon. I want to work.”

When asked when she would be ready to tie the knot, she replied, “No one knows for sure.”

She also shared the perks of being a celebrity, along with a few downfalls. She explained, “I get a lot of free food when I eat out, but I can’t comfortably walk around in public freely like I want to… I would like to walk the streets of Myungdong and peek at all the little shops like a normal person, but unfortunately I can’t.”