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Song Hye Kyo was featured in High Cut magazine wearing her hair in long, tight curls, emphasizing her doll-like beauty.

She wore knit dresses that perfectly outlined her elegant body, as well as a bright-colored turtleneck that fits perfect for the autumn season.

Song Hye Kyo plays the lead female role in her new movie ‘Today‘ that opens in theaters on October 27th. The movie was directed by Lee Jung Hyang, who directed big hits such as ‘Zoo next to the Museum‘, and ‘On the way Home‘. ‘Today’ tells a story of love, pain, & forgiveness. This is her first Korean role in four years, after ‘Their World‘ in 2008.

“It might seem like I’ve been away for a long time, but I’ve filmed some independent movies, and the filming for the movie I did in China took longer than expected,” she said. Filming for the movie began in 2009, and has yet to come to an end. She continued, “I also plan on making a comeback in a Korean drama around mid-2012.”

The actress has also starred in movies like ‘Fetish‘, and ‘Camellia‘- movies that were more experimental, rather than following formulas to become blockbuster hits. She stated, “I thought it would be better for me and the viewers if I took on roles that I liked and could naturally act out, rather than taking a role in which I needed to force myself into the character.”

She shared her thoughts on being a lead in the hit 2001 drama,’Hotelier‘. “I liked the project. The storyline was genius, and everyone on staff as well as my co-stars were wonderful. It’s just that I was so young back then and there wasn’t enough room for me to be versatile in my role. So from then on I decided only to take on roles that I felt I could connect with.”