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Son Hoyoung revealed that his comeback to the music industry was originally planned for September. However, due to setbacks, Son Hoyoung is now preparing to return in October.

At the end of July, Korea experienced heavy rainfall, resulting in mass flooding in certain areas. Son Hoyoung’s comeback was affected by the flood as the hard drives containing his new album were damaged.

Son Hoyoung said, “I spent a long time preparing for my comeback, and I was sadden by the news. I worked hard to return as soon as possible. I apologize to the fans that have been waiting.”

He continues, “Recently, I finished shooting for my jacket images and music video. Everything is continuing smoothly, and I am diligently trying to finish recording the album, which is almost done. Most likely the album will be released this fall.”

It has been 3 years since Son Hoyoung’s last album “Return” released in 2008. It is said that Son Hoyoung is returning this fall with a more mature concept.