Home » SNSD’s Taeyeon had a traumatic experience?

Yesterday, April 17, 2010, there has been one incident where many fans had reacted badly. It was reported that SNSD’s Taeyeon has been snatched and grabbed by an unknown man during the group’s performance.

At the recent Coupang Angel Price Music Festival, there is one man who had managed to make his way into the stage of the said event during the performance of the girl group SNSD. At first, fans have been very confused how a person can enter the stage and they had begun questioning the guards for any possibility. It was then rumored that the security guards on the said event may have thought that the guy is a manager or something, although until now, no one knows how the guy had passed on the guards.

That man, who people doesn’t know his identity as of this moment, had jumped onto the stage during SNSD’s performance of their song, Run Devil Run and he had grabbed the arms of member Taeyeon in an attempt to pull her off the stage. Meanwhile, co member Sunny had tried to stop the man from pulling Taeyeon since she was the first person who had noticed the situation.

The matter has been eventually resolved, and Taeyeon gone back in the stage to continue with the rest of the members in their performances of Hoot and Gee. Netizens had commented on Taeyeon’s bravery and dedication to her work, saying that she was very much professional and they had praised her in her determination in getting back onto the stage to continue their performance. Even though, the singer had expressed her shock to the happening, she still had this work to finish. As we all know, this can be one traumatizing act to the singer and also to other members of the group.

With the pictures and videos of the said incident spreading widely in the internet, netizens had commented and have been posting their messages of protest against the management of the said concert. Many of them are angry since if the matter has not been clear quickly, Taeyeon may be put in more dangerous situation.