Home » SNSD’s Seohyun is a Doll-like beauty

Recently, the youngest member of the girl group SNSD had made some internet chaos because of her doll like beauty. On April 11th, a picture of the said singer holding a guitar has been circulated around the internet that mostly the reason why she had created a chaos. The picture was uploaded from various online community bulletins that had eventually catches the attentions of many netizens. They had admired her goddess pose that reminded the people during that time when she is part of the show MBC’s We Got Married.

In the picture, the female singer, Seohyun was wearing a grey hooded shirt and jeans that almost displaying a modest, model student look that envied by most people. She is also showing her ultimate pure charms as she stared straight into the camera lens while holding her pink guitar in hand. Her plump and soft cheeks, which epitomize her eventually ‘baby face’ label, is also drawing much attention to many people, mostly to her fans.

Netizens had praised her by stating, “A goddess has descended upon us”, “I want to become that guitar”, “What do you eat to be so pretty?”, and “I was envious because you were so pretty on ‘We Got Married’.” There are also some fans who had commented, “Her face is blooming, I think she is in love” and “I wonder if this beauty will ever last”

The beauty of Seohyun had never failed to amaze the netizens, ever since their debut, her face has been in good place of beauty.

Last April 9th, SNSD had released the music video for their Japanese version of song, Run Devil Run. It was also announced a part of the money that they will earned with their single, Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run will be shared to the victims of earthquake in Japan. The group had also announced they are going to have their very own tour in Japan entitled as The First Japan Arena Tour that would start in Yoyogi, Japan this coming 15th of May. SNSD will also hold another six concerts in Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka respectively.