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In celebration of the SNSD’s youngest member, Seohyun, who just turned 20 on the 28th of June, Sports Korea published their first issue on the same day seven years ago, had met her for an interview. Even their fancafe, Cistus printed a newspaper advertisement in the Sports Seoul and stated, “All the Girls’ Generation members have become adults now, and even though they will be turning older in the coming years, they will always be girls to us fans.”

Read the interview below!!

Sports Korea: Were you aware of your [shared birthday] with Sports Korea?
Seohyun: When I heard about it not long ago I was surprised. I knew there was a reason why you always write only good articles [laughs].

SK: It feels like it was only yesterday when you gave your first individual interview after debut.
Seohyun: That’s right. At that time I really didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know what content was going to come out in the article.

SK: Seeing your debut self how does it feel? Is there anything embarrassing or anything you would like to hide?
Seohyun: Not in the least. My bangs looked fresh. Looking at the old me is a really pleasant feeling.

SK: At that time of the interview you said you would like to participate in a Japanese drama.
Seohyun: I still have that dream. At that time I was really into “Nodame Cantabile” and lately I am watching a drama called “Hotaru’s Light”. It would be so nice if the day I participate in a Japanese drama comes.

SK: At that time there were no plans for Japanese activities. If you look at the articles it’s like you predicted your Japanese advancement.
Seohyun: Haha. It appears so. My dreams have become a reality. If I have a goal and work hard towards it, it feels like the people around me are giving support. In the name Girls’ Generation there are dreams inside it. The dream of making the world a girl’s generation has not changed. Until Girls’ Generation becomes Grandmas’ Generation please be with us.

SK: The time you most remember.
Seohyun: I remember when we stood on stage for our first performance and we all cried for the longest time. Our period as trainees was so long, we went through hardships together and now we finally showed ourselves to the world. I think I will never forget it. It’s amazing to see old interviews and they remind me to never forget my beginnings. Without knowing it people change little by little. I am most fearful of that. I will always make the effort to never change who I am.

SK: Not too long ago your performance in Paris was a big topic. Can you feel the Hallyu fever?
Seohyun: Yes, of course. Because of the steady effort of my seniors I think Hallyu is getting this much attention today. I don’t think it’s something we suddenly made. I think it’s luck we are able to be active right now. A sense of responsibility is developed. We will pave a road so that there will be others who will promote overseas.

SK: Personally which work do you remember the most?
Seohyun: I did a duet with Joo Hyunmi [a senior]. She is someone my parents like. Doing a duet with her was something I could never think of and I was so nervous. Because she warmly held my hand I was barely able to finish the performance. Thinking about it now I’m really thankful.

SK: Were there hardships debuting at a young age?
Seohyun: It’s hard when people pay attention to even the little things you do. You become careful of every action and every word. Now I’ve become used to it and I’ve learned to be very thankful for even the smallest of attention.