Home » SNSD was being sabotage?

On November 5th, on this week’s episode of Music Core, the members of Girls’ Generation performed their hit single “The Boys.” Coincidentally, they were challenged with yet another minor problem during their live performance. Previously, Jessica experienced a problem on another live music show as well as the Asia Song Festival last month.

Usually, during the intro of “The Boys” Jessica says “T.R.X.” (Teddy Riley Xperience). But, during the time of the performance, viewers were only able to see her lips moving with no sound. Girls’ Generation did not have further problems after that and held a successful performance.

After the difficulty during Girls’ Generation’s performance, netizens stated their opinions with comments such as, “How many times has this happened to SNSD?” They said the sounds are always controlled by the staff and mistakes happen but questioned why it always happened to Girls’ Generation. Netizens also commented, “They still managed to finish the performance with professionalism.”