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SNSD sat down with reporters in their waiting room to express their gratitude for their music chart ‘all-kill’ with “The Boys“.

The girls began, “We’re both excited and nervous every time we release a new album. There was some anticipation because it was our first Korean comeback in a while. Since ‘The Boys’ is different in style to the music SNSD previously presented, we were kind of worried as to how people would react. Still, our hearts were beating, and we were all more excited than ever.”

They continued, “We recorded our comeback in front of our fans today. Although it was our first stage, they all perfected their fan-chants, which we’re both glad and grateful for.”

With regards to their ‘all-kill’ on the charts, SNSD remarked, “Because we were all so preoccupied with our comeback preparations, we had no time to go on the internet. It wasn’t until today that we found out about our ranking on the charts. It’s something we didn’t expect, so we’re really thankful for that. There were a lot of songs that we had specially prepared for our album. We wanted to show them off to our fans so we’re glad that they even listened to our album. We have yet to begin our official promotional activities and are already receiving such love, so it makes us feel a bit more responsible to live up to everyone’s expectations.”

When asked whether they’re anticipating a music program win, they responded, “We haven’t thought of it. The members haven’t talked about winning yet. Instead of working with the thought of ‘placing first’, we want to prioritize showing what we couldn’t before. We trust that we will be met with positive results if we continue to work hard.”