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On the 30th of April, 2011, Kim Saeng Min’s Strange Ranking Corner on the KBS 2 TV’s Entertainment Weekly had revealed the ranking for the girl groups that had made the soldiers cry and laugh. Since, the survey is not possible to be done inside the army; they had chosen to serve it to the one who were already discharged from the army recently. Coming from the result of their conducted survey, girl group Girl’s Generation with their very outstanding leg lines and unique member charms got the number one spot. It was also revealed that the photos of the group or even individually shots are often found in many soldier’s lockers. Additional to that, many celebrities had then revealed that they also have the girls’ pictures inside their lockers and so they admit that those photos has been their source of energy and are the reason for them to cheer up whenever they feel so down inside the army.

And also, girl group KARA who had just recently cleared up the problems on their management company had came for the 2nd spot, Miss A for the 3rd spot, Wonder Girls on the 4th, Brown Eyed Girls followed them for the 5th spot, 2NE1 in the 6th and girl group T-ara was ranked on the 7th spot.

On the other hand, some fans who had saw the results of the survey are very much satisfied with it as they had stated, “it was like more than obvious, we all know that the girls can pull off even the soldiers!!”, “wow. It is quite hilarious!”, “just like what I bet, SNSD will win on this”, “I love the results~ cute soldiers admiring the girls~” and “so soldiers are now members of the fan club for the Girl’s Generation? Keke~”
Meanwhile, the girls are currently in Japan for the promotions of their new single titled, Mr. Taxi and as we noted, it had already reached the number one spot in Oricon Chart. The group had also revealed that they will be going to have their Japanese tour, and just recently they added another three concert venues for it.