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The Malaysia’s The Star newspaper had recently done an interview with our nine flames, SNSD. The interview shows how the group empowers the girl revolution in our current generation. Check out the full interview below!

Question: 2010 was a very good year for Girls’ Generation. How are you going to top that?
Taeyeon: I’m not sure how we will prepare our concept for our performance, but we will never disappoint our fans.
Yuri: Many fans like our style. We will come back with a perfect stage which is full of SNSD magnetism.
Sooyoung: We always try to show fans a mature and varied performance. We hope they will love our new album, “Mr. Taxi” (released in Japan last month).

Question: People always accuse Asians of copying the West in music but when Lady Gaga released her single, “Born This Way,” recently, she was accused of plagiarizing your “Be Happy” by your international fans. What does this say about the growth of K-pop?
Taeyeon: Yes, many people throughout the world are interested in Korean pop music. But it is more important how K-pop applies to various styles rather than just being copied in other countries.
Yuri: There’s a craze for popular Korean cultures in many Asian countries because Korean pop music is a successful combination of the old and new.
Sooyoung: It is inevitable to refer to Western music because it was developed earlier than Korean music. However, K-pop also reinterprets its style well.
Seohyun: Recently, Korean pop music has become successful in the Western market. I think it is because there are so many singers who work hard at it. That’s why it’s getting popular with foreigner audiences.
Sunny: Because of the growth of Korean pop music, many fans can easily get the experience. So we will try to put up better performances for our fans.
Yoona: I would like to show our music to fans from other countries. We are supposed to go to Japan next.

Question: Fans love your style. Can you recommend any Korean fashion lines or shops for Malaysian fans who want follow your style?
Taeyeon: I would like to introduce Myung Dong as a great place for youngsters’ culture.
Yuri: There are many famous places, but I would like to suggest Rodeo Street, Sinsadong garosugil.
Sooyoung: We also read many fashion magazines to find the best fashion.