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Yesterday, June 10th, the artists of SM Entertainment held a press conference after they had finished their SM Town Live in Paris Concert. On that press conference, they had revealed their thoughts regarding the firstever kpop european tour. Each group had sent their representatives in this.

The first one who shared his thought is the Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk, he stated, “It feels like just yesterday that I was listening to Jordy Lemoine and feeling entranced by his music, but now here I am exporting our own culture. I hope to write an amazing piece of history.” Following is TVXQ’s U-know Yunho who revealed, “After seeing everyone shout ‘SM Town’, I realized that this was the flare of K-Pop culture. I’m glad that we’re able to kick it off to a great start. It still makes my heart beat.”

On the girls’ side, SNSD’s Sooyoung had stated, “I almost cried when I saw that fans had written ‘Thank you’ on the Korean flag. I was surprised to see them singing along to our songs, but what surprised me the most was that they even knew the cheer chants used by our Korean fans.” and f(x)’s Victoria added,  “I was so proud to see everyone in the audience waving their own country’s flag.”

When they were asked on their thoughts about why K-POP is popular, Leeteuk stated, “SM has always worked to globalize our music, such as working with foreign choreographers and whatnot. I think we’re also loved for our physical and visual aspects as well. There’s a saying in Korea that the start is just half of the work, so I’m anticipating the future of Hallyu. If France wants me, I’m even willing to move here.”